Red Bean Restaurant Launches New Traditional Vietnamese Menu For 2018

The Elegance Hospitality Group’s Red Bean operation has gone from strength to strength ever since the first restaurant opened in Hanoi in 2014.  The vision is to become one of Vietnam’s leading restaurant brands serving modern Vietnamese cuisine with high quality and innovative ideas always staying true the roots and value of authentic Vietnamese cooking.

Red Bean Hoi An at La Siesta Resort & Spa was then renamed in the same year.  The restaurant team, led by Head Chef Nguyen Van Ha, has long been delighting diners with modern and innovative Vietnamese cuisine inspired by classic Quang Nam province recipes, Hoi An specials and many national dishes.

12 January sees the launch of Red Bean’s 2018 menu, showcasing more than 10 tantalizing new dishes, including GRILLED CHICKEN IN BAMBOO, FISH ON HOT PAN, BEEF IN COCONUT, BUN CHA HANOI, CRISPY MORNING GLORY WITH SHRIMP… They are great examples of cooking dishes in the traditional way presented as artistic works of culinary art.

The menu will be unveiled at a special evening reception hosted by La Siesta Resort & Spa. Specially invited guests from the media, tourist representatives, the local business, neighboring hotel GMs and local dignitaries, will have a chance to sample the inspired Red Bean menu. The beautifully designed buffet set in the restaurant’s courtyard garden, will demonstrate Red Bean’s innovativeness in incorporating diverse local produce including meats, seafood, vegetables and herbs.

The focus is on stimulating the taste palate with authentic refreshing local flavors and high quality regional produce that clearly differentiates Quang Nam province cuisine from other regions.  In addition to the new dishes, the menu also features a number of exclusive Signature dishes including Red Bean Hoi An spring rolls – a triangular adaptation of the traditional spring roll, Red Bean Hoi An Salad incorporating handpicked lotus stems from nearby Dai Loc village lakes and special Chef’s salad featuring key local ingredients from Tra Que village. The menu of course embraces many of the region’s most iconic dishes including the quintessential Cao Lau (invented in Hoi An), Mi Quang, Tam Huu and Hoi An Chicken Soup.

Head Chef Nguyen Van Ha comments “the new menu showcases more local and traditional dishes using the best ingredients from Tra Que village, hand selected fresh seafood and as many organic products as possible. We have focused on the innovative use of flavors, colors and the elements central to Hoi An’s cuisine”.

In addition to the A La Carte menu, four set menus have been designed and packaged by the team, each featuring a selection of some of the most traditional and local dishes.

The evening accompanied by traditional Vietnamese music will also be an opportunity for industry networking and discussion.

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