The Hoi An Earth Hour Event 2019

From 23-30 March 2019 Hoi An is holding an Eco Friendly campaign in response to the International out-cry against the use of plastic and its damage to the environment, the pollution of rivers and seas and the consequent danger to the creatures whose habitat it is.

During the week there will be workshops, discussions and activities for residents and visitors to the town in which they can participate, emphasizing the dangers of plastic waste and introducing ideas for re-usable alternatives for packaging etc. Many of Hoi An’s catering and hospitality businesses will be taking part in the campaign by offering discounts to clients using their services. The customer should take a picture of the Eco-friendly service they have used and post it on SNS using hash tag #hoianecocity. Then show the post to a member of staff to obtain a discount.

We at La Siesta Resort and Spa are proud to be taking part in this invaluable initiative, helping to make the beautiful town of Hoi An an even more delightful place for our visitors from all over the world. As our contribution to the campaign we are offering a 5% discount on food and beverage services between 23 and 30 March. We will discontinue the use of plastic straws and our two compartment take-away breakfast trays will be made from compostable bagasse. We urge everyone to eat and drink plastic free to leave less environmental footprints on our planet.